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2 Piece Screwed Locking Device Ball Valve
​Our Stainless Ball Valves are easy to connect to any pipe with their Female NPT Threaded end connections. These SS Ball Valves are the industry standard popular for its corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. The 2 Piece Ball Valve is the most popular
2 Piece Screwed Stainless Steel Ball Valve
The two-piece ball valve is full-bore, which is fixed by the two-piece valve body. The maintenance is relatively complicated, and the tightening of the screw in the middle is critical, and it is related to whether it leaks. The sealing is better. The 2 PC
1 Piece Screwed Stainless Steel Ball Valve
​We offer various ranges of industrial Investment Castings Valves in stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and cast iron for all process handling needs. These valves are designed in accordance with the needs and standards of each industry. We offer p
1 Piece Screwed Locking Device Ball Valve
We supply 1 piece screwed locking device ball valve high quality ASME 12 Months warranty. We devoted ourselves to valve many years, covering most of Europe, American and the Russian Market. We are your reliable long-term partner in china.
3 Piece Screwed Stainless Steel Ball Valve
The Huaqi three-piece full port ball valve is made of stainless steel. Drive mode: manual, electric, pneumatic. The 3 PC Screwed ball valve with locking device also can be produced if you need.
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